Session One
Pre-course Assessment
The qualities of a good proofreader
Course objectives
Visual acuity exercises
The 3-phase proofreading system
Scanning patterns
Proofreading practice
Session Two
Proofreading practice
Language skills
Rapid accuracy
Session Three
Proofreading practice
Language skills
Rapid accuracy
Compound words
Word image perception
Phrase recognition
Session Four
Proofreading practice
Number recognition
Scanning practice
Skimming practice
Phrase recognition scanning
Number placement
Compound words
Post-course Assessment
Course outline

Proofamatics Workshop

After completion of Proofamatics , participants will be able to:
   proofread using a specific technique
   catch errors in daily communications
   increase the accuracy of letters, e-mails, reports and documents
   increase the speed of finding errors
   present a professional image in all written communications.

Proofamatics is a 7-hour workshop, typically run for one full day or two
consecutive half-days.

Proofamatics reduces proofreading errors by 25% by:

There is also an assessment instrument to measure and demonstrate
skills improvement.

Anyone who produces documents, whether on paper or on screen.

Our trainers are available to run Proofamatics in-house workshops.
However, your trainers can attend a two-day train-the-trainer session to
give you maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Workshop material

Participant Workbook
Over 120 pages of proofreading,
grammar and spelling exercises
designed to ensure a high quality
of learning and retention.

Pre- and post-workshop
Two 5-minute assessments for
running at the start and finish of the

Answer Key:
Used by the participants to check
the accuracy of their answers to the

The Proofamatics guide to grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalisation:
This stand-alone reference guide
summarises all the rules needed for
the correct production of documents.
teaching a 3-phase system of proofreading
providing grammar, spelling and punctuation revision
showing how to break up text to avoid reading for comprehension
incorporating exercises to increase eye-span whilst reducing eye fatigue