The Proofamatics guide to grammar,
punctuation, spelling and capitalisation
The Proofamatics guide to
some easily confused words
Course outline

Proofamatics On-line

Proofamatics On-line has been designed for those occasions when:
   an in-house workshop isn't economically viable
   attending an in-house workshop isn't possible
   participants are geographically spread
   participants prefer to learn at their own pace.

After completing Proofamatics On-line, participants will be able to:
   proofread using a specific technique
   catch errors in daily communications
   increase the accuracy of memos, letters, reports and documents
   increase the speed of finding errors
   present a professional image in all written communications.

Proofamatics On-line consists of eight 10-12 minute modules.

  Proofamatics On-line reduces proofreading errors by:
   providing grammar, spelling and punctuation revision
   teaching a 3-phase system of proofreading
   showing how to break up text to avoid reading for comprehension
   incorporating exercises to increase eye-span whilst reducing eye
Module 1 - Introduction
Proofreading exercise
Language skills - subject/verb agreement
Word image perception
Module 2 - The 3-Phase system
3-Phase system
Language skills - commas
Skimming for comprehension
Module 3 - Breaking up text
Block, column and split-line scan
Language skills - apostrophes
Module 4 - Block scanning
Proofreading exercises using block scan
Language Skills - semi-colons
Phrase recognition exercise
Module 5 - Column scanning
Proofreading exercise using column scan
Language skills - spelling, colons and commas
Column scanning exercises

Module 6 - Split-line scanning
Proofreading exercises using split-line scan
Language skills - capitalisation
Split-line scanning exercises

Module 7 - Bringing it all together
Proofreading exercise - block & column scan
Proofreading exercise - block & split-line scan
Phrase recognition exercise
Language skills - subject/verb agreement

Module 8 - Completing the workshop
Proofreading exercise, block & column scan
Proofreading exercise, split-line scan
Language skills - punctuation
Proofreading exercises
Using Proofamatics On-line

Users can be individuals or groups:

• individuals pay on-line for a
  three-month licence. In this period
  they can access the eight modules
  as frequently as they wish. The
  price of a three-month licence is
  £65.00 + VAT.

• groups (usually companies) are
  set up with an in-house 'manager'.
  The manager controls access to
  the course and can use the in-built
  LMS.  A group licence is for one year.
Please contact us for details.

All users have access to the
Proofamatics guide to grammar,
punctuation, spelling and
and can print a
certificate of completion at
the end of the course.

Proofamatics On-line is SCORM
compliant and can be installed on
the client's own LMS.